Educational Therapy

Shawn Usha provides educational therapy services that begins with empathy and compassion in developing a rapport essential for a client to ‘try out’ and build new skills.

Skills For Learning Success

What are your strengths and weaknesses as a learner? As those are identified, specific strategies for time management, organization, task management, and communication are rehearsed. Homework does not have to be stressful and overwhelming. A student can become engaged and self-directing and learn resilience and executive function abilities.

Problem Solving, Completing Complex Tasks, Comprehension and Composition

Students can often struggle with meeting the challenges presented by increasing complexity of academic work. Unable to remember the beginning of the reading assignment, don’t know how to start a writing project, cannot figure out where to begin with this math problem are beginning points for a student. Learning meta ‘big picture’ strategies for planning and completing tasks are essential for students to fully engage in academic work.

Improvement of core skills

Lack of fluency and accuracy with learning new vocabulary, writing mechanics, and math calculations can interfere with academic work. Too many of the student’s cognitive resources are used while full comprehension, deeper understanding and retention, expression of true level of knowledge and ideas are diminished. Key areas for building up core skills are identified and addressed in sessions.

We have had the incredible experience of working with Shawn for the past four years. Since coming to Shawn, his reading level has improved and spelling has improved dramatically. Shawn’s mannerism and respect for us has been so endearing. Shawn has shown him compassion, sensitivity, and a genuine sense of caring.

Our daughter was helped by Shawn for two and a half years. She originally came to him for math tutoring and in her freshman year she also received some organizational and study skills help. Shawn was a patient, helpful, and caring guide throughout those years.

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